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  • 15may0 As the idea of a 14 - year-old Russian boy forced the US to fork out $ 200 million. States suddenly offered one of the Russian companies $ 200 million for the construction of a plant for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. Investments are focused on the hybrid airplane-helicopter - tilt-rotor osprey. And the idea of this invention was born in the head of a teenager from Kaz...
  • 22sept0 Jetfly is a new operator of the Pilatus PC-24 Jetfly decided to keep the existing business model and, starting from October 2018, when the first jets will arrive at the disposal of Jetfly, will offer the RS-24 to its customers as an "equity" aircraft. "19 years ago, when my partner Maxim Bouchard and I discussed the project of Jetfly creation ...
  • 09apr0 Greece introduces new requirements for foreign charters At the end of last month, the Greek civil aviation authority (CAA) introduced a new rule requiring for Charter flights in the country on aircraft registered outside the EU, with a capacity of up to 19 seats, each year to apply to the air operations Directorate for approval of the TCO license (operat...
  • 09apr0 Tashkent can build an airport for business aviation "Now there is a design of the airport, in parallel began civil works", - the interlocutor of RIA Novosti specified. According to him, in the second half of this year it is planned to announce a competition for the selection of the General contractor of the project. At the first stage of the projec...
  • 06mar0 Business jet on the basis of the Russian Tu-160 will be a piece goods Civil aircraft, which can be created on the basis of the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160, will be a rare and expensive business jet, according to sources in the aviation industry. According to them, only a few companies in the world can afford the maintenance and operation of such an aircraft, whi...
  • 29nov0 In Saudi Arabia hit the cold and the snow fell As the channel "al Arabiya", the sand dunes changed its usual yellow-brown in color to bright white — it snowed. Especially much snow fell around the city of Shakra in the center of the country and the city of Tabuk in the Northwest. In Tabarjal (Northern province of al-Jawf), the air temper...
  • 29nov0 Detachment of a giant iceberg from Antarctica have shown in the video A video showing the degradation of the continent, in particular, the formation of a huge iceberg, available on the website of the University. Devoted to the study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. To such conclusions scientists have come, watching pine island, part of the ice s...
  • 29nov0 In Colombia, the plane crashed with the Brazilian football team: there are survivors The aircraft, owned by the Bolivian airline Lamia, carried out a Charter flight to Medellin, where on November 30, was first scheduled match of the finals of the South American Cup. On Board there were 9 crew members and 72 passengers. Among the last 27 players, members of the Brazilian team, "Epico...
  • 26nov0 Iran think about providing Russia air base in Hamadan In Iran do not exclude that it will happen in that case if the situation in Syria will require repeated military intervention. In late August, Russia suspended the use of the airbase near Hamadan. Then Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan argued that Russia publicly announced the beginning of th...
  • 20nov0 Switzerland said the reason the escorts of the Russian spitzbart fighters According to the press-Secretary of the Department, it was just a routine "authentication" flying in the sky of the country aircraft. "It's like checking the car on the street by a police patrol, to make sure it was not stolen", — quotes Agency of the representative of the Ministry of defense...
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  • Bell Helicopter - мировой лидер по разработке и производству вертолетов
    Bell Helicopter - мировой лидер по разработке и производству вертолетов

    Bell Helicopter является одним из мировых лидеров в производстве легких и средних многоцелевых вертолетов. Модельная линейка Bell включает 7 вертолетов – от легких однодвигательных до средних двухдвигательных. Спектр применения вертолетов - не ограничен!

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